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First international circus festival in Czech Republic, whose participants aren´t high level professionals or artists, but young performers who enjoy the circus disciplines in their free time and are hopelessly addicted to it.

The festival was founded in 2014, under the baton of Circus LeGrando (CLG), and with the assistance and support of many great teachers from Cirqueon (Prague) and circus Raiko (Germany).

Frež Manež is the space for a four day gathering of young artists and their trainers or teachers from Czech Republic and its surroundings, which objective is to share and transfer circus skills, expertise and experiences through various joint activities (workshops, joint training, games…).

The culmination of the festival´s closing Variete is open to the general public, and within it we will present all the young participants of the festival.

But be careful not to miss anything! The festival has also an extra program for the public, and besides the participants, will present several professional artists.